Category: research
Location: barcelona, spain
year: 2020
status: Finished

Zoetic Morphologies is a thesis research that attempts to develop a living material system through 3d printing mycelium and clay in large scale construction. 

Over the past few decades, the fabrication techniques and materials have evolved in other manufacturing sectors, while the construction industry is yet to take full advantage of this change and it is one of the primary consumers of natural resources and one of the biggest polluters. This applies both to the construction and consumption of the built environment.

Zoetic Morphologies is a research that attempts to develop living architecture through a material system by 3d printing living fungal mycelium with clay, envisioning how the materials are sourced and constructed while exploring the relationship of the built environment with nature.

material research

Different agricultural waste-based substrate mixes have been incubated in various environments and a material mixture was developed that is resistant to contamination of pathogens.

Robotic Fabrication

1. Clay Feeder 2. Mycelial Substrate Feeder 3. ABB 140 Robotic Arm 4. Nema 23 Stepper Motor 5. 12mm Auger Drill Bit 6. Push-on Valves 7. Static Mixer 8. Nozzle

The material is being pushed down through the rotation of the auger bit. The clay and mycelium is mixed in a static mixer and extruded through the nozzle.


Wall Iteration 1

Wall Iteration 2

Wall Iteration 3

Wall Iteration 4