p.e.t project

Category: research
Location: barcelona, spain
year: 2020
status: Finished

This project uses plastic waste materials to provide an infrastructure for plants and wildlife in the city of Barcelona. The research concentrates on single-use plastic waste with an emphasis on the plastic bottle.

Cities are the centers for waste production that affects the biodiversity levels around the world. Barcelona, being one of the cities participating in The UN 2030 Agenda, supports biodiversity boosting gardening practices in areas such as balconies, walls, and terraces. For the building materials, waste plastic properties are utilized to determine morphologies and aesthetics. The goal is to achieve a smaller carbon footprint than other recycling methods.


Data taken from several studies show an abundance of plastic packaging waste and a severe biodiversity loss caused mostly by habitat degradation.


The manipulation of the plastic and its assembly into a structure is made by a variety of tools with different accessibility levels from household appliances to digital fabrication tools. With the help of democratized technology and manufacturing, citizens and small businesses can reuse waste, a renewable resource, to tackle biodiversity loss from the bottom up.

P.E.T. Project Full Video