Category: exhibition
Location: barcelona, spain
year: 2019
status: Finished

This project is an interactive installation taking place in the LLUM Light Festival Barcelona every winter.

The site is an electrical transformer station. For this project 5 pinwheels were placed on the borders of the site and strings of RGB led bulbs were connected to them forming an array. These bulbs created a canvas that lit up in waves whenever a nearby pinwheel turned. The concept was that shared experiences can charge and transform this site into a place of wonder.


As people came forward to spin the pinwheels they would "charge" a path of lights, as the number of people and the speed of the pinwheels increased the lights would glow brighter and produce a spectacle. At the end the site would be flooded with light that appeared flowing from people's breaths, more and more until the final light field appeared.


The data from the windmill is taken with an IR sensor. This digital data then is used to create visual effects in Processing and audio effects in Resolume Arena. For the sound a sound card and a midi board is used and for the light bulbs the computer connects to an Artnet controller via Lan that controls the LEDs.

llum bcn Full Video