lago house

Category: architecture
Location: sakarya, turkey
year: 2020
status: Under Construction

Lago is a  summer house that is located next to Sapanca Lake, Turkey. It consists of two stories. In total it has over 200 square meters. All the details are designed according to the needs of the client.

Its unique location allows this design to take advantage of both the lake and forest view. The voids in mass increase the total amount of sung light radiation. In order to decide the voids in the mass, a solar analysis was made using computational design tools. It has 2 bedrooms,2 toilets, a kitchen, and a living room.

The number of partition walls that are used on the ground floor was limited as much as possible to increase the amount of direct sunlight and create a sense of bigger space. There is a direct connection to a pier that can be reached through either the living room or the kitchen. This design decision was made directly with the client since he wanted to have a direct connection to the pier.