Category: robotic
Location: barcelona, spain
year: 2019
status: Finished

This is an installation that is done to show the benefits of using digital fabrication and mixed reality tools. An arch that is made with steel rebars are fabricated using a robotic arm and assembled using mixed reality.

The design is made using advanced computational design tools. Having such a complex design comes up with fabrication and assembly problems. To overcome these problems a robotic arm is used to bend the steel rebars. Later once the steel rebars are bent augmented reality is synced with grasshopper to cut them in the right size. 

The assembly was another challenge. To connect correct pieces with each other a holo lens was used. With this technique, it was way easier to assemble the whole installation.

robotic fabrication

To fabricate the steel rebars an ABB robotic arm is used. Pneumatic system was set to grip the steel rebars with perfect control.In total more than 500 pieces was bend in 1 days which represents the power of digital fabrication tools compared to traditional fabrication techniques.

mixed reality

To Assemble the steel rebars and finalize the installation Holo Lens is used.Which is a mixed reality glass that helps to visualize the correct position of the steel rebars.Since all the amount of rebars and similarity between them is high using such technology for assembly made this process way easier.