future house

Category: Architecture
Location: urfa, turkey
year: 2019
status: Finished

The refugee crisis is a global situation that raises many concerns in regards to the capacity and efficiency of the migration camps. This project focuses on this problem while taking advantage of computational design and digital fabrication tools.

The geometrical strategy focuses on the concept of aggregation using an evolutionary solver in order to develop a series of adaptive configurations based on solar analysis. The main structural element is represented by a grid system which is able to grow a specific number of cells in the horizontal direction, while the vertical direction can sustain and evolve throughout the increase of inhabitants.

Integrating the cultural typologies, a catalogue of patterns, domes and shading elements has been developed and incorporated within the function units and living units.


1. Aggregation on full faces.
2. Aggregation on the horizontal and vertical axis.
3. When reaching a maximum of horizontal accumulation aggregation becomes only vertical.

1. Aggregation on full faces and half faces
2. No more than 3 modules can aggregate on full faces.
3. Aggregation on the horizontal and vertical axis.
4. When reaching a maximum of horizontal accumulation aggregation becomes only vertical.


1. Arc Elements 2. Floor Plate 3. Unit Window 4. Sliding Shader 5. Unit Panel 6. Structural Grid 7. Dome Roof


One island consists of 6 living units which can create housing for 120 people each. Living units are represented with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7. Every island also has a function unit which is represented with the number 6. These units can have a variety of functions such as education, hospital, etc.

Future city

     In 2019, refugee camps all around the world are facing an outstanding growth in migratory flows leading to an alarming crisis in regards to energy, food, and water resources.

     El-Ruha brings forward a future-oriented system based on Big Data and  IoT that combines data collection and conversion with advanced construction and fabrication technologies with the goal of generating a new dense participative community.