Category: wearable
Location: barcelona, spain
year: 2019
status: Finished

Dualskin is a wearable sense that equips humans with electroreception. It enables the users to sense the presence of objects that are out of sight by sensing the electric fields of these objects.

Humans are capable of identifying and categorizing objects in their environment with the aid of their sensory organs. The aim of the project is to develop a new sense that will increase peripersonal space, alter the human perception and their relationship between electronic, organic and inorganic objects that surrounds our lives.


1. Sensors - Woven Conductive Fabric 2. Actuators - Electrolyte Pads

Dualskin is a vest that uses a circuit which consists of embedded microcontrollers, sensors, and actuators. It uses capacitance sensors to sense surroundings and uses electrical stimulation as a real time feedback mechanism around the user’s waist.


1. Magnetic conductive buttons 2. 3d printed PLA Case 3. Capacitive Sensor 4. Custom PCB 5. Arduino Nano 6. Rechargeable Battery 7. TENS Device