Category: exhibition
Location: venice, italy
year: 2106
status: Finished

Darzana is a project done for The Pavillion Of Turkey that was part of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale Di Venezia. It challenges the increasing confinement within borders of religion, language, race, nationality, ethnicity, and gender.

Baştarda was constructed beneath a reproduction of the wooden trusses in Sale d'Armi of Venice shipyard that hosts the Pavilion of Turkey. Measuring 30 meters long and weighing four tons, the vessel was built from more than 500 pieces including seven kilometers of steel cable and abandoned materials found on-site including wooden molds, discarded furniture, signboards, and boats. In April, the components were shipped to Sale d'Armi, where Baştarda was re-constructed in May for the Pavilion of Turkey.