Category: research
Location: barcelona, spain
year: 2019
status: Finished

Concentric Community stages a high-tech fictional environment with open interpretations. It generates a scenario where the fertility of the soil is set in motion in an automated performance and a settlement which adapts to these changes.

Concentric Community consists of a sand machine for the creation of the random patterns and an AI to interpolate these patterns into a real-life settlement. Sand, distributed by the perpetual movement of the mechanic arm, is spread into random patterns that constantly move and transform, creating different areas of fertility.

sand machine

The movement of sands is tracked by sensors and the movement of the mechanical arm changes according to the data, thus creating a perpetual cycle of feedback and discrete sand patterns. The patterns are captured via a camera. An algorithm translates the sand patterns into a live and dynamic architectural drawing of the off-grid settlement rendered onto the transforming soil. The drawings are generated depending on strict machinic protocols of energy production, population and agricultural production while it is embracing the base principles of the Kibbutz villages of Israel.

Village establishment

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