Category: exhibition
Location: barcelona, spain
year: 2019
status: Finished

Celestial is an interactive video mapping project.

     Soar works with a liquid that evaporates at low temperatures, an elastic polymer that traps this liquid in the form of bubbles. In this research, these materials are alcohol and silicon. The ingredients of this system allow it to respond to the heat of the sun thus making it passive. It doesn’t need any additional energy and it is never constant. 

     The wind, the angle of the sun, and the moisture all play a role in how the actuators will react so it is safe to say that no two actuators will behave identically, giving it the illusion of being alive.


Red and blue particles appear in random locations and are attracted to each other. These particles move with the gravitational forces orbiting each other until they collide. The moment they collide they annihilate each other creating a harmonious sound. Particles differ in size and mass.